Monday, June 23, 2008

Anyone Else But You

I thought I'd share the song that runs through my mind on a continuous loop these days, the song from the movie Juno that everyone knows, here sung by the movie's stars, Ellen Page and Michael Cera.

Come to think of it, I've also overheard my youngest son humming this song through the house some days, so this is not just happening in my brain. I think it's gradually taking over the minds of the whole family. I got it as a late birthday gift and it seems it never stops playing in the car when the kids are there. Humming son actually said, "Mama, this sounds like kids' music." And it does. Most of the songs have this deceptively simple, innocent sing-songy quality while they speak to much heavier issues. I love this CD! Can you tell??

Check this out at 3:59 (or see the whole thing if you are an Ellen Page fan). Besides being rude, Barbara doesn't know what she's talking about. She "didn't get it"? I'm much older than that generation of singer/songwriters myself, and the message came through clear as a bell for me. I've been forced to watch more of The View than any human being should be allowed, due to my partner's affection for it, and I've realized through this little exercise in torture that Barbara can be quite judgmental at times and just plain not nice.

Anyhow, I love the song and the soundtrack (and don't even get me started on the movie!), and I'd highly recommend it. So would my kids. Just, if you are around them, don't utter the words "Tire Swing" or the two year old will start screaming until you find a way to play it for her. And you will, believe me, you will. Her screams are brutal.

Friday, June 20, 2008


There. I have been released from the daily torture that is my Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. Well, at least temporarily. A bit melodramatic, perhaps?? Listen, I love this pattern. The yarn is pleasant to work with...I might even venture to say fun. I know it's going to be a beautiful blanket. But frankly, the blanket-I-never-stopped-talking-about so long ago has become the blanket-it-seems-I-will-never-finish-knitting, and I've been feeling pretty trapped by it, more exactly, trapped *in* it (it's gigantic!), over recent weeks. I am on skein 17 of about 22 skeins that will go into this blanket, and I am ready to scream. I just can't feel how close I am to the end...I can only feel how many hundreds of rows I have still to go!

So, instead of stepping over the edge I've been teetering on into insanity, I have decided to step back from this project for a bit and move forward with another, one for Schaefer Yarns. I am knitting the Heather Zig Zag socks by Rebecca Hatcher, from whom I borrowed needles for the project...this has to guarantee some karmic goodness for this project, don't you think? And I am almost 100% completely and totally sure that these socks will not misbehave the way that blanket has with its allure of silky warmth which you will never fully know because you will never finish it.

Anyway, here was the blanket at last glance:

and thus far, with a 12-inch ruler added for scale:

Yes, it looks like I've made good progress, but that's just the blanket's evil magic working on you to trick you into wanting to make it. Actually, it's about a foot wider and two feet longer than it was in my last post but reality has nothing to do with this. Anyway, before I move on, I have to buy an extra skein of Silky Wool in red because the amount I bought according to the pattern ended up not being enough. Fair warning.

Yes, I really do love it, despite all the grumbling you hear. It's gonna be a great blanket.

On to the (relatively) instant gratification of socks! Yay for instant gratification!

I'll get back to the blanket, and soon. I am determined to actually use this summer blanket this summer. Though it really is warm enough for fall...