Monday, July 2, 2007

Frogs R Us

Now, isn't this a better looking pair of frogs?

Well, then you got fooled too. My reknit sock (up there on the left) was so tight at the frog part that we couldn’t get it over my son’s ankle at first. You’d think if you find yourself sweating when you’re trying to put on a sock, you should stop. Not me. Just shy of using Crisco to help us, I got it on. I was so desperate not to knit this sock again that I heard myself actually making BARGAINS with him if he'd only agree to wear this pair as is. Bad, bad mommy. He said nice things like, sure, that’s fine, they're very comfortable when they’re on, I’ll wear them. But I had an inkling that he wasn’t as excited about all this as he once was. Duh.

So, onto reknit #2, or for those keeping score at home, my fourth frog knitted out of this pair of socks:

Ah, success! That tasted sweet!
A sweetness rivaled only by his hovering over me while I wove in ends and his insistence on wearing them for hours today in our 75 degree weather!
So, he’s happy, I’m happy, the frogs are happy. I am so completely and totally done with frogs!

Alright, alright, I *swear* I’m done now. I had to do it, it was his birthday. If you ask me, it seems like kind of an unnatural obsession. But then again, I knit and have to blog about it. You just go ahead and love your frogs, son. Not hurtin’ anyone.


costumechick said...

He will remember them forever. when he is in college he will tell his friends about the awesome socks his mom made with frogs on them - just for him! Cute cake too!

Kelly said...

Aw, thanks, costumechick! That is such a nice thought, brought tears to my eyes! Here's hoping!

Jen said...

Way to go, Kelly. The socks look great. I loved the cake too! I am finishing my nephew's sweater as we speak and will bring it tomorrow for "Show and Tell". See ya then!!!!

Erin said...

I'm so glad the frogs finally turned out. They look really great! I hope your son will get lots of joy out of wearing them!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Jen and Erin! He is really pleased with the socks..whew!

KnelleyBelley said...

Love the socks, Kelly! The frogs are cute and I so admire your willingness/ability to fix them. I'm not good at ripping out and attempting to get my knitting back on the needles. My heart races and my blood pressure rises when I realize I have a mess to fix! It was great meeting you and all the knitters at Stitch 'n Bitch. Thanks for making me feel welcome. Notice that I blog as KnelleyBelley. See . . . I continue the torture of being called Kelley Belley! - From the New Kelley

Kelly said...

New Kelley! It was lovely meeting you too, and I hope you come to SnB again! Thanks for checking out the blog, and for your very nice comments! I will look for your blog now that I know your blog name!