Monday, April 28, 2008

Yarn Nirvana

Yes, we made another trip to look at yarn we don't need and buy things we hadn't planned to! This time it was the CT Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival, and it was lovely. It isn't Rhinebeck, but I don't think it's really trying to be. It's just a modest, contained celebration of the fiber arts (of course with plenty of opportunities to purchase!), including music, food, border collie trials and real live alpaca! And the obligatory sheep and angora rabbits, of course :).

I took the trip with KnelleyKnits, WifeMomKnitter, CostumeChick, Yankee Lagniappe and blogless Pat. As expected, it was as much, if not more fun, traveling to and from the festival as was the event itself! As with Rhinebeck, my friends made the trip so much more than just another adventure in capitalism. Thanks, guys, I had a blast!

And, as expected, I didn't bring a camera :(. But I do have pics of my own modest take!

First, can't forget the family. I surprised them with this:

Maple cream from Just a Mere Tree Farm in Worthington, Massachusetts. If you haven't had it, you don't know what you are missing. It's a spread made from maple sugar, kind of like a Nutella for the maple crowd. In previous trips to Canada, this was a highlight of the trip, my partner being Canadian and having grown up on the stuff. I must say this made quite a hit at home.

Less popular, but still missing half its contents a mere two days post purchase:

Maple sugar, from the same farm. Great on toast or virtually anything you might want to put sugar on for sweetening.

And these for the kids:

Alpaca pops! Actually I loved them more than the kids, which is kind of dangerous for my waistline. Glad they are almost gone!

And lastly, these:

Raku-fired earrings from Keith O'Connor Pottery of Exeter, New Hampshire. So beautiful, I couldn't decide on which color to buy so I bought them both.

Yes, you read right, no yarn whatsoever in this haul. No knitting books, no tools. So boring, sorry y'all. I'm kind of feeling okay in that department and don't find myself longing for more yarn or more toys at this moment. Nevertheless, I still managed to spend more than I'd intended at the festival. As expected :).

My knitting is suffering from severe underblogging. Will catch up in the coming days, I promise! Well, I promise to try! Well, I promise to have every intention to blog and then apologize profusely when I don't ;).


KnelleyBelley said...

Maple cream! I didn't see that when you bought it and it looks so good.

I didn't realize you bought 2 pairs of earrings because you couldn't decide which color to pick. That sounds like something I might do, too.

Spinning? I'm about to! I'll post pics on my blog.

Keep blogging! Blog, girl, blog!

jennsquared said...

I know! I'm glad I see you every week, otherwise I might go through withdrawal!!!

Your loot looks awesome! I wish I was able to go with you!!! It's my second trip missing out with you!!!! Next time, I promise!!!!

Sarah said...

looks like you got a good haul and had a great time. Good for you! The maple cream looks awesome, I will have to look for that.

Sunflowerfairy said...

I couldn't even try the maple cream. I knew if I had even one taste that I would have bought the entire table's worth.