Saturday, September 13, 2008

How did we get here?

I fear that, in these last 52 days til the US election, this blog may drift more toward the political, or the angry, or the railing against this crazy nation we have here, or all three. As proof, here is a little piece on Cindy McCain's struggle with addiction to prescription painkillers. This has been out for years, but the article highlights how "glossed over" the story has become, how "spun" it has become over the years by the McCains, and how the elite (yes, I said it, the McCains are the elite...what??? Not just the scrappy biracial community organizer whose family once lived on food stamps candidate???), well, the soulless elite anyway, can move around in the world without a care for whose lives they destroy.

And this next, from the well-anticipated Sarah Palin interview. What an idiot. Pay close attention to the "Bush Doctrine" section...jeez, even if she is an idiot, do you think McCain's people might have given her a little briefing on this so she wouldn't look so stupid talking about it? Watch her eyes when she says "In what respect, Charlie?" You can tell without a doubt that she is panicking because she has no idea what he is talking about and she's stalling for time. Or God, or something. Too bad the big guy couldn't help her out with that one.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I want to take off my shoe and hurl it at her head, Charlie. Should I do it? Perhaps so.

I'm am head over heels in love with Keith Olbermann. He should be my new boyfriend.

Anne said...

From now on, whenever someone asks me a question that has me stumped, I'm going to reply, "In what respect, Charlie?"

What is the capital of Zimbabwe?
In what respect, Charlie?

3x + 2y - 18 =
In what respect, Charlie?

Has anyone seen my car keys?
In what respect, Charlie?

Anonymous said...

And this is just MY opinion, but her accent makes her sound even stupider!

Sarah said...

Hey Kel-

I have been debating whether to post a few political things on my blog just because I am SO outraged with the state of our nation right now! But, so far, I have decided to stick with my blogs original purpose of posing recipes. Hoping maybe it can halp in some small way to bring something posative into all this chaos. That being said, I wanted to thank you for having the guts to point out all that is a miss with this lovely nation of ours right now!