Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Got Tagged

I tore myself away from the New Year's Day Dirty Jobs marathon (and an Intervention marathon yesterday...how much better can it get???) to check on my friends' blogs, and I see that I was tagged days ago! Sorry all, it's been a hectic holiday week, but I'm here now :). Yankee Lagniappe tagged me for knitter's resolutions for 2008. And I think knitting accomplishments for 2007 too? I'll start there, cause I'm not really a New Year's resolution type of gal.

Knitting Accomplishments for 2007

1) Joined the local SnB, and I knew immediately that this is where I belonged. Thanks to all my SnB friends for making my 2007, a trying year at times, a bit brighter!

2) Visited WEBS for the first time with a long-time online friend whom I met in person for the first time that day! It was so much fun, a trip I will never forget.

3) Tried spinning with a drop spindle. A bit challenging, mildly rewarding thus far, and in the end something that gets pushed aside for other knitting projects most of the time, but something I will come back to when my life settles down a bit (though I am afraid that won't be til my ten year olds hit college!).

4) Visited my first sheep and wool festival with a great bunch of friends. Yarn is hip and cool and trendy and all, but I know it was my friends who made this day the wonderful experience that it was :).

5) Sold my first knitted items. *That* was quite a heady experience. So neat. I'm grateful to those who would this year welcome my little projects into their homes and their lives. Thank you!

6) Completed a project with a short row/wrap and turn combo. Challenging, but darn it, I was committed! And happy with the completed project.

Is that it? I don't know. I didn't set out to do too much this year, and frankly, some days just making it through the day was something to celebrate, so I guess those 6 things are quite enough.

Knitting Resolutions for 2008?

I don't know, I just don't do this kind of stuff. How's this...I resolve to go to SnB, to be there for my friends, and to keep knitting. Those are things I am happy to accomplish in 2008.

Thanks for the tag, Yankee! I tag anyone who is reading this and who is interested in thinking about such things.


KnelleyBelley said...

Oh man, I missed an Intervention marathon!

You accomplished a lot this year. I should add the drop spindle spinning to my list. So much I want to try.

Your resolutions are lovely, even for a non-resolution type like yourself! Happy New Year!

JennM said...

I caught some of the "Dirty Jobs" marathon last night. Mike Rowe is soooo hot!!! I was watching the "Law & Order" one during the day as I was knitting.

You have accomplished a lot. I'm glad to call you friend.

Erin said...

Happy New Year! That's a pretty good list of accomplishments -- I'm sure 2008 will be even better, knitting wise, and hopefully in all respects. I'm so glad you joined SnB, and so happy I got to know you before my move. :)